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'Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional'

About your Practitioner, McKenzie Kruchten


McKenzie has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2014, after
graduating from Carlson College of Massage Therapy.  McKenzie's main
focus is her  client's individual and unique needs and uses multiple
modalities to achieve the desired results. These include swedish
massage, deep tissue and neuromuscular techniques,  manual lymphatic
drainage, and the John F Barnes approach to Myofascial Release which
focuses on connective tissue restrictions and gently releasing them to
allow the body to heal.
Before becoming a massage therapist, McKenzie earned a B.A. from the
University of Iowa and worked in the banking industry for  12 years. She
loved the interaction with people and the feeling that she was helping
someone accomplish something and making their day better. It was this
feeling that drove her to look into massage therapy as  a career and has
since discovered that this is what she is meant to do. Helping her
clients feel better is incredibly rewarding and what drives her to keep
learning and doing the work she loves. 
McKenzie strongly believes that massage therapy has a strong impact on
our overall health and well being and her goal is to help each client
with whatever they may be dealing with at the time. Our bodies will tell
us what we need if we listen and massage can help us learn to listen.

" Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are
willing to listen"   -
Shakti Gawain

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