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About your Practitioner Dawn Hay

Dawn Hay, owner of Back Atcha! bodywork, is a state licensed Massage Therapist who graduated from the Iowa College of Natural Health.  She specializes in deep tissue therapeutic massage and focuses not only on the issues that need immediate attention, but on the body as a whole.  Trigger point therapy and stretches are often incorporated into the massage to obtain optimal results. 

She has a passion for wellness and believes it is important to educate her clients and instill in them a sense of awareness of their own bodies.  Topics such as stretching, body posture and alignment as well as treatments that may compliment your massage session are sometimes discussed.  Do you see a Chiropractor? Did you know that quite often, massage will loosen the muscles and create space between the muscle groups which assists in superior, longer lasting Chiropractic adjustments? Communication and feedback are encouraged during your massage session. This will ensure you the best treatment possible.

Prior to opening Back Atcha! bodywork in 2008, Dawn enjoyed a nearly 20-year long career as a Paralegal.  Her experience in working with medical cases helped her gain insight into the human body, injury treatment and recovery.  Massage had always been an integral part of her life.  As a child, she would massage family members - from walking up and down their backs to get the deepest pressure possible when she was a young child to massaging her father while he was in a nursing home battling Multiple Sclerosis.

Dawn uses her training, continuing education and life experience to facilitate balance and well-being for each of her clients.  She is a former Instructor of Massage at the Iowa College of Natural Health and the Iowa School of Beauty She is also a Lifetime Member of the World Massage Festival and Teacher assists in various continuing education classes.

Classes and trainings, taken in addition to her traditional formal schooling for massage therapy, have included obtaining her Reflexology Certification, Reiki Healing, Orthopedic Massage with James Waslaski, Deep Tissue with Dr. James Mally, Medi-Cupping (ACE Massage cupping and VacuTherpies), Bamboo Massage, Pillossage, Craniosacral Therapy, Tuina and Guasha (traditional Chinese medicine healing arts), Migraine Headache Relief, Passive Stretching, Results-Based Therapy with a focus on head, neck and shoulder pain, Effective Treatments for Sciatica, Homeopathic Medicinal studies and Aromatherapy for health and wellness. Dawn is also a Doula however, she is not currently accepting outside clients and is currently only offering this service for family, friends and current clients.

Since one of life's greatest pleasures is learning new things, the list will continue to grow!  Dawn continues to enjoy taking continuing education in order to provide the best possible massage experience for you.

Take a step towards better health and make a massage appointment today!

Please note: Dawn is currently not accepting new evening or weekend clients due to her schedule being full. Please call her at (515) 867-0830 so she can discuss massage with you and tell you about the other amazing Therapists at Back Atcha! bodywork who are taking new clients at this time. She will pair you with the perfect therapist!

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"Dawn is hands down the most gifted massage therapist I have ever met.  She is passionate about massage and healing and has a deep understanding of the body.  Highly highly recommended!!"  - Whitney 


"I love Dawn Hay at Back Atcha!!! A friend referred me to her because of health issues. I have struggled with inflammation caused by Connective Tissue Disease for a number of years. Working out was NOT working out! Any impact, such as kicking, jumping, punching, or even fast-paced walking sent me into flare ups that lasted weeks. At age 51, I know it’s normal for my body not to respond as quickly as when I was in my 20’s. Yet, I had given up to age and disease. I reluctantly resigned to a sedate, lethargic life. My hope was gone.

January 2014 was my first visit with Dawn. We discussed my health and decided to meet monthly for now. After my first session, I was told to begin walking 5 minutes the first day, 7 minutes the next and continue to add time slowly. In a short 4 months, I am now able to work out daily. I walk 30-60 minutes/day and do strength training 3x/week. My energy level has soared. My digestive system is back to normal. My hope has been restored. 

Dawn not only focused on deep massage in specific areas where scar tissue was creating pain, but was also able to help me release past emotional pain that held me back physically. How can a massage do this? I’m not sure, but I can tell you how energized I feel physically and emotionally!"

Thank you Dawn Hay!"    - Penny


"Dawn is great! She gave me relief on an elbow tendon that had been bothering me for weeks."    - Craig


 "Wow. Amazing. I have no words..." - Susan


"JP has benefited from massage even if he does not think so. He has helped his social skills with visits to Dawn and also he sleeps better after a 30 minute session. He even asked to see Dawn after he had a 3 step fall at a roller skating rink last weekend. He was hurting and knew what type of therapy would work to help himself feel better." - Ankeny mother of a 12 year old living with Autism


"Massage with a purpose! Dawns massages are fantastic!"  - Mary


"Great massage, wish I lived closer it would be a weekly thing."  - Ann


"Dawn Hay changed what I expect out of a Therapist and a massage. I recommend her to everyone, but get ready because once you see Dawn, no one else will ever be good enough."        - Keely


"I look forward to my massages with Dawn.  I always leave feeling better and the results last for days.  You will never meet a more caring and talented therapist!" - Lori


"Several years ago I went through a back surgery for sciatic nerve issues that affected my left leg.  The surgery was a success but I still had lingering left calf pain that I basically just lived with.  The pain intensified after running, so to reduce the pain I gave up running.  After months of consultation with my doctor and several tests with a neurologist with no answers, I finally decided to ask Dawn if she could help.  I had always thought the pain was muscle related and maybe massage therapy could provide some relief.   I began getting 30 minute sessions with Dawn working just on my left calf.  After the first two or three sessions I could tell a big difference in the amount of pain in my calf.  We have done a total of six 30 minute sessions so far and I plan to get more as I increase my running.  As a direct result of the massages I am now logging over 10 miles per week.  I could not be happier with the results of these deep tissue massages and would highly recommend Dawn to anyone experiencing similar pain.  I have been a client of Dawn’s for about three years.  Over that time I have received dozens of 60 minute massages.  Dawn’s sessions are always incredibly relaxing with just the right level of pressure to “work out the kinks”.  My wife is also a client of Dawn and we often comment that she really knows her stuff and has a great understanding of the muscles and how they work together.  We will continue to be Dawn’s clients for many years to come. - Dusty


 "Dawn, I just wanted to say thanks for my post-natal massage! I felt more energy and less tension for days!"  - Jamie


Do you know Dawn is also a Doula? Here is a beautiful testimony from an amazing Doula experience:

"Dawn is one of the most supportive, understanding, and helpful women my husband and I know.  We have both enjoyed and benefited from her outstanding massages, but not only because she was able to relax our bodies; she helped emotionally as well.  

I was pregnant with my 2nd son and was having a difficult pregnancy.  I had intense pain in my lower back.  Physical therapy was helping, but I knew I needed more than that.  I saw Dawn several times, and as I was finding relief, I was talking through my plan and how I wanted this delivery to be different and much better than my previous.  Dawn said she could help.  We talked about stretches, oils, music, and courage.  I felt more determined than ever and held a lot of peace.  

Dawn was there for me when my baby came.  I immediately was able to relax during the strongest pains of labor because she was familiar and her methods worked.  The music and smells brought a new determination and I was able to deliver my baby boy how I wanted.  Thank you Dawn for all that you did for our family, for even meeting us after he was born to show me how to calm him in a new way.  I can't tell you what inner strength you were able to help me find."    - Heidi


If you have a testimonial you would like to share, please email it to Dawn at  Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Please note: Dawn is currently not accepting new clients, but she invites you to call her at (515) 867-0830 so she can discuss massage with you and tell you about the other amazing Therapists at Back Atcha! bodywork who are taking new clients at this time.